Back Pain Remedies

Posted on Apr. 08, 2020

Back Pain Remedies

Go-to Remedies for Back Pain

The Accident and Injury Chiropractic team in Tacoma realizes the impact that inactivity can have on the lower back and shoulders. During these days when most of us are staying at home, there may be times when you will experience back pain due to idleness, sleeping on surfaces like a sofa, or sitting for long periods than usual. But, you can remedy your back pain in several ways.

Various Types of Treatment for Back Pain

Unless your back pain is severe and is limiting your mobility, along with relaxation, it is preferred to stay active as opposed to lying in bed all day. If the pain is emanating from the back or shoulder muscles, try the RICE method. It is 20-minute intervals of Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. You can also obtain compression from an ace bandage or back brace to help with the pain.

Stop Doing These 5 Things To Ease Back Pain

  1. Stop Slouching - Maintain Good Posture

  2. Stop Lifting Heavy Objects

  3. Stop Prolonged, Repetitive Motions

  4. Don't Stay in Bed All Day

  5. Don't Stop Exercising

Often, muscular and spinal back pain is a result of sudden or awkward movements. But, careful and deliberate stretching along with some low-impact exercise is actually good for back pain, as long as you're not exacerbating the problem. So, keep moving around by taking a walk or doing some light housekeeping.

See Our Tacoma Chiropractors

Visit our chiropractors to help you get back on track. There are a variety of non-medicinal treatments that can correct back pain caused by misalignment of the spine. Our chiropractors will use spinal manipulations to reposition of body areas such as the head, shoulders, neck, back, or hips to help alleviate back pain.

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