Getting the Right Help for Sciatica

The chiropractors at Accident and Injury Chiropractic in Tacoma know that one of the amazing facts about nerves in the back involves how fast they can change a person's life. The spinal cord integrates a complex network of sensory paths both for tracking stimuli as well as sending commands for physical action and movement. The nervous system is made up of nerves inside the body that are extremely powerful, able to handle millions of nerve messages per minute. However, when the nerves have a problem, the body feels it as well. The sciatic is one of the major branches of the nervous system that splits off from the spinal cord to each of the legs. Technically, it is referred to as the sciatic nerve in the back of the upper leg and lower back.

sciatic nerve pain

Sciatic Nerve Response Can Cause Major Discomfort

When the sciatic nerve is tampered with, it can send a tremendous amount of messages out that hampers with the rest of the body's mobility. This can range from an inability to walk or move properly, such as the leg suddenly giving out or going numb, to severe pain sensations almost feeling like one's leg and back are on fire. All of this sensory reaction is coming from a problem with the sciatic nerve. That problem could be a bone or cartilage pinching the nerve, a pressure point on the nerve, or external pressure causing a kink in it. One of the most common scenarios involves a person driving for hours sitting on their back wallet instead of removing it, triggering the sciatica pain sensation. Pregnant women may also experience sciatica as the baby inside puts pressure on the nerve and causes a temporary misdirection of signals. Women can be prone to falling or losing their balance without warning as a result.

Help for Sciatica in Tacoma

Those who are suffering from a sciatic nerve flareup in Tacoma are in luck. The offices of Accident and Injury Chiropractic provide sciatica patients with expert care and treatment that is specific to the sciatic nerve and related area. The chiropractic care at our office isn’t just about pain relief; the experts at Accident and Injury Chiropractic approach every patient’s case with a solid understanding and a pursuit of the cause of the pain. Whether the cause turns out to be aggravated sciatica or a twisted disc or a repeatedly strained back muscle, one of our chiropractors' is going to find the cause with a thorough examination. The chiropractic care and treatment provided are among the best in the region, whether it be compared to a hospital, clinic, or medical office. To find out more or if you need chiropractic help for a sciatica related issue, call Accident and Injury Chiropractic at (253) 215-8350.

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