Rehabilitative Exercise

Rehabilitative Exercise

Restoring full function after an injury involves more than just the healing of tissues. In many cases, rehabilitative exercise is needed to strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments to restore strength and a full range of motion. At Accident and Injury Chiropractic in Tacoma, WA, we offer rehabilitative exercise to restore normal function after injuries.

rehab exercises

What Is Rehabilitative Exercise?

Rehabilitation is a therapeutic strategy that focuses on restoring normal mobility after an injury. In some cases, the therapy may be used after a surgical procedure and may be used to reduce pain, improve strength, and increase range of motion. Rehabilitative exercise can also be used to heal injuries and restore normal movement. The type of exercise depends on the injury, and may progressive in difficulty, to gradually improve function in the affected area.

Conditions That Might Require Rehabilitative Exercise

Rehabilitative exercise can be used to help a wide variety of conditions and injuries. Individuals with back problems can benefit from exercises that focus on core strengthening and flexibility. Those with shoulder, hip, or leg injuries can benefit from muscle strengthening exercise that improves range of motion. Knee pain and injuries can benefit from graduated exercises that reduce discomfort and improve strength. Individuals who have medical conditions, such as multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia, benefit from improved muscle and nerve function, as well as more efficient movement.

What To Expect During Rehabilitative Exercise Sessions

Your Tacoma chiropractor will design a chiropractic care plan for your unique needs, based on your medical history and a careful evaluation of your current condition. Your plan may begin with stretching exercises that gently prepare your body for more rigorous activities. Gradually, more strenuous movements may be added to work particular muscles or muscle groups, in order to achieve specific physical goals. Your chiropractor and other health professionals will ensure that your safety and comfort are considered at every stage of the rehabilitative process.

Make Accident and Injury Chiropractic Your Chiropractor in Tacoma

The health professionals at Accident and Injury Chiropractic combine their extensive training to help patients in Tacoma, WA, and surrounding communities achieve greater comfort and function. We treat a range of conditions, including back pain, neck pain, sports injury, work injury, and auto injury. Call Accident and Injury Chiropractic today at (253) 215-8350 for an appointment to have your injury evaluated and to learn about rehabilitative methods that can help you return to your normal activities.

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