Chiropractic Treatment Boosts Immune System

Posted on Mar. 17, 2020

Chiropractic Treatment Boosts Immune System

Have you wondered how Chiropractic care can help your immune system? Especially in times of dire need?

The above lecture was given by Dr. Daniel Murphy who is well known as a literary researcher, health care historian, and specializes in orthopedic and neurologic physiology.

In summary, he discussed that in 1918, the year the Spanish (H1N1) Flu tragically stuck, independent healthcare observers noted that there was 40 times less mortality rate between patients who chose chiropractic care instead of the medical model.

Similar to today’s COVID-19 flu, in 1918, we didn’t know what the Spanish Flu was or how to fix it medically. But we did discover that when a Chiropractor makes a specific adjustment, clearing spinal subluxations, it allows your nerve system to function freely, stimulating the immune system and improving its functionality.

Conservative and supportive care to the human body is our best defense in this unknown time.  Any person that has compromised health such as cardiac or pulmonary illness, diabetes or arthritis issues should of course follow the CDC’s guidelines and self-quarantine.

To further improve your immunity beyond an adjustment, one should maintain a well balanced diet, continue moderate exercise, sleep an hour longer in times of high stress and avoid anxiety laden situations, including constantly watching the news and social media.  


1918 - Spanish  (H1N1) flu.   500 million infected  (30% of the worlds population)  with 50-100 million deceased.

675,000 deceased in the US.    
H1N1 continues to circulate seasonally to this day

1957  -  H1N2  -  1.1 million deaths worldwide,  116,000 in the US,   Unknown number infected

1970  -  H1N1  -  25% of US population is vaccinated to prevent outbreak (48 million people)
Gullian-Barre disease is linked to vaccination and officials halt vaccination program

2009  -  Mutated H1N1 recurs as pandemic,   61 million infected in US,   with over 10,000 deceased in the US and estimates of up to 575,000 deceased worldwide.

2020 - Corona Virus - (Covid19)  - Worldwide confirmed cases - 182,000,    
Deceased  7,119                                                                                        
US  confirmed cases  - 4,445, Deceased   81
Washington State confirmed cases - 904,  Deceased 48 (30 in a single senior home)

If you've ever wondered about the cost effectiveness of chiropractic, the Council on Applied Chiropractic Sciences has a wealth of resources. Or, ask us. Everyone deserves a stronger and healthier immune system. Everyone should see their chiropractor more now than ever.

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