How Improving Your Posture Can Improve Your Life

Posted on November 11, 2022

It may sound crazy, but proper posture can immensely improve your life. It has been a human obsession for many years, predating back to our ancestors. However, we seem to forget that in today’s sedentary life. We spend most of our time in the office or at home in one position working on computers. There is less motion and less attention to our posture.


Now is the time to change things and pay more attention to improving your posture. Here are some ways doing this can improve your life. Hopefully, it causes you to pay more attention and intentionally work on your posture.


More Energy


People with proper posture have increased energy levels. When your musculoskeletal structure is in alignment, it allows your muscles to relax. It also enhances the smooth flow of blood and lymph throughout your body.


Your organs sufficiently and efficiently receive oxygen and nutrients. Thus, you get no lactic acid buildup in the muscles, and your body organs work at optimal levels. The result is an increase in energy levels.


Increased Confidence


When you have proper posture, it adds a step to your walk and a swagger to your demeanor. You have more confidence, which will show in how you carry yourself. Self-assurance and boldness will also help people feel more comfortable with you. You can perform better at your workplace and succeed with your ideas.


Easier Breathing


Good posture increases your lung capacity, making it easier to breathe. When you hunch forward, it causes the compression of your vital organs. Proper alignment opens your lungs, giving them the optimal capacity to boost your well-being. It allows for the efficient circulation of oxygen, which energizes your body.


You can boost your lung capacity and the oxygen flowing in your body by simply sitting up. Take three deep breaths when you are in this posture. If you do this at least three times a day, it will improve your work and health.


Better Digestion


Musculoskeletal alignment improves your digestion. Just like your breathing, your digestion needs good posture. Bad posture compresses vital body organs and results in poor digestion. The disruption of digestive activities may cause other complications like constipation.


You may eat a balanced diet, but your body cannot process the food. It cannot utilize the nutrients it gets efficiently. Improving your posture will turn all this around. It will make sure your body uses the nutrients it receives optimally. It also keeps you free from disease.


Balanced Hormones


Studies show a correlation between good posture and balanced hormone levels. Poor posture causes a hormonal imbalance that can result in anxiety and depression. It can also affect your temperament and how you relate to others. In men, bad posture can lead to increased testosterone and cortisol levels. It affects brain functions, leading to poor decision-making. 


Improving your posture will give you clarity when you think. It will cause you to explore more of your ideas instead of sitting at your desk looking lethargic. 


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