The Relationship between my Low Back and my Hip

Posted on March 5, 2021

The hip and the low back share many nerve pathways, since that’s where the nerves from your hip and lower travel through, making it difficult to decipher if the pain in your low back is truly your low back or if it’s radiating from an issue in your hip, and vice versa.


Complaints of the knee, your thighs, sacrum, inside, outside, etc. may present themselves and the root cause could be from your hip. Or you could have a “pinched nerve” in your low back that radiates to your hip. Furthermore, we’ve had patients come in one day complaining about sciatic pain (pain shooting down the back of your leg to the knee or foot), and then the next day it is going to the groin. On x-rays, it could show not only an issue from your hip but also it would show us if it is also your low back with degenerative disc disease or something else.


During our thorough chiropractic examinations, we not only review your x-rays with you but put you through a range of motion tests to isolate where the pain is truly stemming from: your hip, low back, or a combination of the two that you may not have been aware of before. This is especially prevalent when a patient is in an auto injury as the main issue could take a few days to a few weeks to present itself to you. This is why seeing a chiropractor after your auto injury is so important so we can address the issue you may not realize your body is starting to fight and protect itself from.

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