Tips to Naturally Boost Your Immune System

Posted on Apr. 13, 2020

Tips to Naturally Boost Your Immune System

The phrase “boost your immune system” is used a lot, but what exactly does that mean and how can one accomplish that?

The four most common, easily implementable, and all natural ways are:

Nutritional supplementation
Nutritional supplementation is imperative to your diet even if you eat well because our bodies and the environment aren’t what they used to be. Amongst other reasons, it fills the nutritional gap caused by nutrient absorption in the intestine declining with age, and soil depletion from over farming.

Did you know that you can boost your immune system by exercising?  Research has shown that exercising - even in isolation - at a moderate intensity for 45-50 minutes daily will boost your immune system.  A great example of moderate intensity exercise is fast paced walking.  So get outside and walk around your neighborhood for 50 minutes a day, and make sure those legs are moving!

Sleep is your body's way of recovering, and very important to someone looking to boost their immune system.  Everyone should be averaging around 7-8 hours of sleep each night, and during stressful times, I even suggest that my patient sleep an extra hour.  Make sure your body is well rested to fight any virus that may be going around.

Not only does your chiropractor have helpful, and needed information regarding different protocols and techniques that you can use or do to boost your immune system, but a chiropractic adjustment has been proven to boost the immune system.  When you are under times of stress, or if it’s cold and flu season, getting your spine checked is always a great idea!
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