Treating Neck Pain After an Auto Accident With a Chiropractor

Posted on March 27, 2023

Auto accidents are scary experiences. The memory of being in one can last a long time, as can some injuries. One of the usual ones is an injury to the neck. It results in pain, making it difficult to turn and look to the sides. 

Some doctors may recommend painkillers and rest. However, these do not always work. Chiropractic care is the most efficient way of dealing with injuries after an auto accident. What does it involve?

Massage Therapy

The treatment helps speed up the healing process. It increases blood flow and eases muscle spasms in the damaged tissues. It can help you relax, reduces inflammation, and deals with pain. These restore function to your soft tissues.

Spinal Manipulation

The technique also goes by the name chiropractic adjustment. It involves the gentle movement of the neck joint in the direction in which you feel there is restriction. It is an effective treatment for whiplash that allows you to regain mobility. The chiropractor may also employ short thrusts in the restricted direction or slow mobilizing movement. These are also methods of applying spinal mobilization.

Muscle Stimulation

It is a standard treatment for muscle dysfunction in chiropractic care that involves repeated contractions or gentle stretches of the inhibited muscles. The chiropractor also applies gentle pressure techniques on trigger points. It relieves pain in tight muscles, allowing you to move with ease. The chiropractor may also apply vigorous stretches, depending on the severity of your injury or muscle restriction.

Stretches and Exercises

These stretches and exercises are therapeutic. They relieve pain and relax the muscles while building the muscles at the same time. Your chiropractor will take you through a series of workouts. Afterward, they will teach you some exercises and stretches you can do at home. Over time, the neck pain will subside and healing will begin. Your neck muscles will grow strong, and you will regain full mobility.

The chiropractor will also teach you specific exercises and stretches to correct faulty movement patterns after healing. These train the nervous system to improve coordination and control of movement patterns. It also increases the stability of the neck and its muscles.

Interferential Electrical Stimulation

The technique stimulates your muscles using low-frequency electrical currents. It reduces inflammation and pain. It also increases blood circulation, allowing oxygen and nutrients easy access to the damaged tissues, and speeding up the healing process.


The use of ultrasound increases blood circulation. It decreases muscle stiffness, spasms, and neck pain. Ultrasound sends sound waves deep into your muscle tissues. It creates a gentle heat that improves blood circulation and healing. As such, it deals with inflammation and brings relief from neck pain. The procedure is effective as it accelerates healing.

Ergonomic and Lifestyle Changes

Chiropractic care also involves the use of ergonomic and lifestyle changes. The chiropractor may suggest these changes to address factors that cause additional neck pain or hinder healing. The changes will reduce stress and pressure as you perform your day-to-day activities.

Chiropractic care uses various methods to ensure that you get relief from neck pain. Moreover, it does not stop there since it accelerates healing from injuries.

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